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I’ve finally gotten at least the blog portion together at my new home, Webwallflower.com

I’m not sure how best to move readers over there, how to get SEO up, how to redirect links around the web, etc.  If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE let me know.

But if you came here looking for my weekly tech event updates, startup advice, event advice, or entrepreneurial stories, do please head over to http://webwallflower.com and check out the Upcoming Events and Blog sections there.

The rest of the site is still under repair, so bare with me.  🙂

Thanks Everyone!


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(Another old post – trying to get all my writings in one place.)

So we are thinking of raising a round of angel investment in the next few months. While we’ve been reading up on Cap Tables, Executive Summaries, Slide Decks, and things needed for official suit and tie meetings, we aren’t sure how to get that first cup of coffee with potential investors. Here’s some great advice our adviser told me:

You Are The Star:

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I am often surprised at just how rarely I am asked “When should we sponsor an event? Why? and How?”  These all seem like pretty pertinent questions to me, especially when you’re considering investing anywhere from $1,000 – $50,000 at an event.  With advertising, social media, and even customer engagement getting their ROI measured under a microscope, shouldn’t these issues at least be addressed?

And I’ll be blunt.  By not asking them, you are setting yourself up to lose money with almost any sponsorship or event support you do.  Hell, you should be asking them even as an attendee: “When should I attend an event?  Why?  How?” (I do address this somewhat in my post “4 Reasons to Pay to Network“)  You need to know how to best prepare, what to invest, and what type of response to expect from attendees (scrutiny, curiosity, a level 1 understanding of your company, or a level 10? etc.)

So despite not being asked these questions enough by sponsors, I’ve decided to answer them nevertheless:


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