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I’ve finally gotten at least the blog portion together at my new home, Webwallflower.com

I’m not sure how best to move readers over there, how to get SEO up, how to redirect links around the web, etc.  If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE let me know.

But if you came here looking for my weekly tech event updates, startup advice, event advice, or entrepreneurial stories, do please head over to http://webwallflower.com and check out the Upcoming Events and Blog sections there.

The rest of the site is still under repair, so bare with me.  🙂

Thanks Everyone!


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(Please note, this was written for V-Day LAST year on an old blog.  But I am trying to collect all my writings in one place.  You can see the original and comments here.)

I’ve talked about how to get and prepare for your first Investor Meeting. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I figured some tips on getting and preparing for a first romantic date would be more helpful for the season. (This post will be very hetero-normative, and aimed primarily at geeky/start-up men. Here are some neat articles for those this will annoy, like it normally would me.)


Through my attendance at SF Beta, I’ve come to notice that there are a lot of single, intelligent, and interested tech boys out there, as well as women who are interested in finding them (yes men, they do exist). Yet somehow, the meeting happens, and its all down hill from there…

So for the start-up men out there that I have come to know and love, here is some advice for chatting up that potential Valentine:


  1. Approach. Before working on how to approach, you must first start the approach. If you don’t have the confidence to come to me, I’m not going to waste my time going to you. Yes, I noticed you staring at me from the door; I’m just choosing to ignore you till you get some balls.
  2. Have confidence, not ego. Approach with a smile, head held high, and a willing hand shake. But do not approach with all of your successes and greatness on your lips.


  1. Have a conversation ready. Do not come up to me, introduce yourself, and then expect me to fall head over heels that instant. Be ready to talk and not stand with an awkward grin.
  2. A conversation takes two. Do not come up to me and leap into your newest start-up idea, a great technology you developed, or the tech gossip of the minute. If my responses are fewer than 4 words, I either don’t care or you aren’t letting me speak. I might as well just read your blog and leave you talking to the wall.
  3. Have a question ready. This falls in line with #1 and 2. (“How are you?” doesn’t count). We have Facebook now; do some stalking, and at least pretend you have an interest in my life and want to engage in more than physical intercourse with me.
  4. Don’t push too hard. Make me want more. If you hang around me for more than 20 minutes at a mixer, our conversation better be damned good. Otherwise, end it BEFORE it winds down and gets dull. “Oh, I’m sorry. My friend just got here. Let’s catch up later (hand me your card).” If, up until this point, things were going well, I will get back to you.
  5. A Card is not a Call To Action. I take back the “(hand me your card)”, above. Think back to design school: have a Call to Action. As you are leaving, let me know “It’s been great talking to you. Do you have a card? I’d love to catch up more later, ideally somewhere quieter.” If she says no, give her yours, but make it clear you are honestly interested in talking. On the same note, if I just hand you my card, thank you, and walk away, it does not always mean I am interested. Don’t give up, but don’t get your hopes too high.


  1. Email first. Some girls will disagree with me here, but I hate when a guy calls me out of the blue. I may not remember who you are, where I know you, or why you are calling; and your phone call just makes it uncomfortable. I prefer getting an email or gchat first, and then taking it to the phone.
  2. A date is NOT a business meeting. Don’t trick me; be clear so I know what I am getting into. I HATE when men ask if we can get dinner to discuss business. Occasionally, people DO want to meet with me to talk business (surprise, surprise). It’s one thing to say “I’d like to take you out to dinner. I’m interested in learning more about what you do.” – That’s clearly a pick-up, thank you. It’s another to say “I’d love to chat with you about a business venture I have. Free for dinner next week?” – Ambiguity sucks.
  3. Dinner is a date. Lunch is a meeting*. Weekends are always dates. This is good to know whenever you are asking to take a woman out. Be honest about what you want and pick an appropriate time. (*If you have made it clear this is NOT a meeting, than know that Lunch is casual)
  4. Don’t get let down. You will get rejected, politely turned down, snubbed, ignored, etc. But if you stay positive, hopeful, and strong while you are single, you will get dates as well. The worst thing is the smell of desperation, so just relax and have a good time. 🙂

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(Another old post – trying to get all my writings in one place.)

So we are thinking of raising a round of angel investment in the next few months. While we’ve been reading up on Cap Tables, Executive Summaries, Slide Decks, and things needed for official suit and tie meetings, we aren’t sure how to get that first cup of coffee with potential investors. Here’s some great advice our adviser told me:

You Are The Star:

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I sent this out earlier today to my bi-weekly email list.  Let me know if you’d like to on that.  Otherwise, here are the events I know of that look awesome.  😀


Discount TKTS: Virgance: Equinox II

Sept 15th, 6 – 11pm

Virgance builds companies that change the world by tapping into the hearts of activists and the minds of capitalists.  Each Spring and Fall, Virgance brings together its members, volunteers, fans, friends, and team who make this social venture possible.  This is a great opportunity to mingle with social entrepreneurs, business and non-profit leaders, activists, and political figures in the Bay Area who are combining forces to bring sustainability to every aspect of life and business.  More information and exclusive SFbeta discounts at http://virganceequinox.eventbrite.com/?discount=sfbeta

15% off – Engage! Expo
Sept 23 – 24, All Day

Engage! Expo is the conference that covers the next generation of marketing, presenting the best practices, current trends, and effective strategies of social media and user engagement.  Topics include: Game-based marketing, Building a viral metrics infrastructure, The State of Social Media, and Market Size and Key Trends.  Leaders from major brands including Wal-Mart, Intel, H&R Block, and Kodak offer insightful discussions of their experience with social media, what worked and what lessons they learned.  More details at www.engageexpo.com Use code “RFOPvip” when registering.

SVB Pitch Event
October 22nd

Silicon Valley Bank is hosting a pitch event on for software and services companies seeking seed funding. You must be seeking funding between $500K and $1.5M to be considered, in addition, we are seeking companies in the software and services sectors (consumer, gaming, digital media, infrastructure, energy efficiency, SaaS, mobile, enterprise). You will have seven minutes to present to an audience of approximately 40 Bay Area seed investors. If you would like to be considered for this event, please e-mail your executive summary to Shai Goldman at sgoldman@svb.com. Your executive summary should highlight the company’s revenue forecast, management team, business opportunities, competitive landscape and milestones reached and should be no longer than three pages. Applications are due by Thursday, September 17. For more information about the event, visit the http://www.svb.com/ svbshowcase/

$100 off – BizTechDay
Oct 22nd – 23rd, 2009

Each year, 1200+ business icons, renowned thought leaders and inspired entrepreneurs get to connect, educate, and inspire each other over two days with the most practical strategies and innovative tactics on how to best use new technologies to start and grow their businesses.  From building a strong brand on Google, Yelp, or Facebook to successfully raising funds; from building partnerships with Fortune 500 Companies to building your online community from zero to millions – BizTechDay will cover all you need to know to ensure your business forges successfully ahead.  Check out http://www.biztechday.com for information, and use code “SFBeta819” at registration to get your discount!

DEMO: SNAP Summit: FailCon
October 27th, 8:30a – 6:00p
FailCon is looking for 20 awesome companies to demo.  Ideally, you’ve got a finished product, some user testing under your belt, and maybe an angel round (but no Series A).  We’ll be giving each company 3 hours at a station, to demo to attendees and rack up the votes for who’s going to make it through the next year.  The top two demos will be given stage time at the end of the day.  Details are at http://snapsummit.com/demos

15% off – Virtual Goods Summit 2009
Oct 29th – 30th, 2009

The market opportunity for virtual goods continues to expand as developers and publishers get a deeper understanding of how virtual goods work and how best to maximize the business opportunity around them. The 2009 edition of the virtual goods summit will bring together thought leaders in this space to talk about what’s changed, what’s working, and the key challenges facing the industry.
Register at http://vgsummit2009-failcon. eventbrite.com and use the code FAILCON for a 15% discount on General Admission tickets.


Virgance: Equinox II

Sept 15th, 6 – 11pm

Virgance builds companies that change the world by tapping into the hearts of activists and the minds of capitalists.  Each Spring and Fall, Virgance brings together its members, volunteers, fans, friends, and team who make this social venture possible.  This is a great opportunity to mingle with social entrepreneurs, business and non-profit leaders, activists, and political figures in the Bay Area who are combining forces to bring sustainability to every aspect of life and business.  More information and exclusive SFbeta discounts at http://virganceequinox.eventbrite.com/?discount=sfbeta

TC50 AfterParty
Sept 15th
, 8:00p – 2:00a
TechCrunch50 is the global competition conference for start-ups.  Attendees enjoy an action-packed agenda, including pitches, panels, working breakfasts and lunch sessions, and after parties at the San Francisco Design Center Concourse, with 125,000 square feet of networking space.  But if you’ve missed the show, do be sure to swing by this free party!

SF NewTech
Sept. 16th, 5:00 – 11:00pm

The SF New Tech Meetup is a series of regular events for VCs, journalists, hackers, techies, recruiters, CEOs—and you. It’s for people who want to see the latest and greatest new technology in their own backyard.  Expect a great evening, where about a half dozen people/companies get 5 minutes to strut their stuff—and then we get to ask questions, make pithy comments, and let ‘em know what’s up! The room talks it out and it’s always fun.  More information at http://sfnewtech.com/about/

SFBIG Digital Outlook Series
Sept 17th, 8:00 – 11:00am

In the first of a series of breakfast content panels focused on key Bay Area verticals addressing the evolution, trends and challenges of that industry, September’s inaugural panel event is dedicated to the financial services sector. The panel will consist of leading Bay Area-based marketers from influential financial services companies such as Barclays, Visa and Mint.com. Content will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing these businesses and individual marketers, and a discussion of their perspectives on digital marketing today and moving forward.  Check out Facebook for more information.

Alphabar: Q is for…
Sept 17th, 8:00 – 11:55p

A great time hanging out with fun people at various local bars around the city.  This week’s event hits Que Serah.  While I keep missing these, I’ve heard from various peeps that the crowd is laid-back and fun.  Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Launch of Trendy Lime
Sept 18th, 10pm – 3am

The time has come to DANCE and celebrate the launch of TRENDY LIME!!  After these guys have produced and co-hosted lots of cool events in San Francisco—from French Tuesdays and EuroCircle to the Digital Summer—they’ve now decided to join forces and start creating events together. This is how Trendy Lime was born, and “li-me” stands for Liana+Emmanuel.  Join us for their inaugural party at the Supperclub.  Info here.

Geek Reading: xkcd Creator Randall Munroe
Sept 21st, 6 – 9pm

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is hosting an exciting fundraiser for their organization at one of my favorite bars, Minna Gallery!  They’ve invited hit comic writer Randall Munroe (creator of XKCD) to talk shop, answer questions, and generally entertain the crowd.  While not specifically a tech networking event, I think looks to be great fun.  🙂  Info at http://www.eff.org/xkcd

How to Host a Kick-Ass Event
Sept 22nd, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Hosting an event can be a great marketing strategy for your business or a great business in itself. Learn tips and tricks on how to host a kick-ass event from San Francisco’s brightest event hosts – Edith Yeung, BizTechDay; Myles Weissleder, SF New Tech; and Cassie Phillipps, SNAP Summit.  ; For more information, check out http://kickassevent-eivte.eventbrite.com

Sept 22nd, 6:00 – 9:00pm

ecoTuesday is committed to changing the way people do business.  The monthly event provides a structured environment where sustainable business leaders network with one another and gain insight from industry thought-leaders and trendsetters.  Everyone in the room quickly learns about everyone else during the “introduction circle.”  EcoTuesday.com connects participants between events, serves as a hub for conversations and showcases local businesses.  Please join us in Silicon Valley with Marianna Grossman of Sustainable SV and in San Francisco with Marianne Williamson.  RSVP at www.ecotuesday.com

DineForChange Launch Event
Sept 23rd, 6 – 10pm

This is a great opportunity for you to meet many local professional organizations and non profits to see how you can get involved.  Come network and learn how you can get involved with DineForChange and make a difference in your community just by eating and having fun!  There will be a great live performance by Fat Magic from 6-7PM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjP6bIEvFxw We are expecting a full house for the evening. Please RSVP with us ASAP to ensure entry.  If you are a non profit or profesional organization, please contact us via e-mail at info@dineforchange.com for further details on how your organization can be featured.  Otherwise, do drop by their Event Page to RSVP.

Cardboard Tube Fighting
Sept 27th, 4 – 6pm

Alright, not a tech event.  But super fun, and I swear, I WILL be at this one (Ive even started making armor!)  From their site “Come one, come all, to the Cardboard Tube Fighting League Tournament. Prepare yourselves for a late afternoon of cardboard tube wielding mayhem as contestants vie for the title of Corrugated Champion. Prizes for the winner and best cardboard costume. If there is rain, and it is light, we will probably still be there.”  Info on their site at http://tubeduel.com/

Elance 101 – How to Find, Hire, Manage and Pay Online Experts to Get Work Done
Sept 29th, 3:00 – 5:30pm

Have you heard about the new way to work?  NYT calls it “tapping a new talent pool.”  WSJ calls it the “freelance economy.”  Others all it just plain smart.  Come to this session and learn about how tapping into the tens of thousands of online experts who are available to work for you whenever you need it can help you be successful in your business.  This will be followed by a networking Happy Hour (6:00 – 7:00pm) at nearby Varnish Art Gallery and Bar, open even to those unable to attend the earlier event.  Info and registration at http://elance101.eventbrite. com/ and http://thenewwaytowork. eventbrite.com/

Geek Chic Inaugural Event
Oct. 6th, 6:00 – 9:00pm

I don’t have much info on this amazing mixer, but I know it’ll be pairing life style and fashion with the hottest founders, investors, and media around.  To take place at Bima Loft; entrance will be $10, but the alcohol, activities, and music there will be free.  I’ll let you know as I learn more, but mark your calendars.  This will be a gala not to be missed.

Oct 1st, 6:30 – 10:00pm

Besides being used at LiveJournal.com, Gearman is also now used by other organizations such as Yahoo! and Digg. Development is now active again with an optimized rewrite in C, along with features such as persistent message queues and pluggable protocols. We’re also introducing new and improved client APIs, including new user-defined functions for MySQL, Drizzle, and PostgreSQL. The Gearman APIs and simple server installation allow you to have your own distributed computing framework setup in a matter of minutes, which enables you to focus on your own code rather than the plumbing. This talk will introduce these concepts, how to get started, and then describe a few common use cases.  Info at
http://www.sfphp.org/calendar/ 11251755/

GeeksOnAPlane: Europe
Sept 18th – Oct 2nd

GeeksOnaPlane Europe 2009 is hosted by Dave McClure, Founders Fund and Brady Forrest, O’Reilly Media. We are inviting Silicon Valley & US entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, and bloggers on a 14-day tour of Europe’s top technology cities, events, and people featuring stops in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Paris, plus a kickoff event in Washington, DC.  For more information and to request an invitation, check out http://geeksonaplane.com/


How do VCs Select Angel-Backed Deals
Sept 16th, 5:30 – 8:30
Palo Alto
, CA
Angels and angel networks historically provide more seed capital to entrepreneurs than the entire VC Community combined. Angel-backed deals should be the logical place for VCs to look for early stage deals. Yet, only a fraction of the deals that Angels start do VCs choose to take to the next level of funding and beyond. How do VCs choose which deals to back and which deals to leave behind? What types of companies do organized Angels finance? What makes Angel-backed companies most attractive to VCs? Join us and find out.  More information at http://www.VCTaskForce.com

SVASE VC Breakfast with Len Rand
Sept 17th, 8:00 – 9:30a

The SVASE VC Breakfast club provides a terrific opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet with VCs in a
relaxed, informal setting, to build relationships and get valuable feedback on their startup idea. Participating entrepreneurs deliver an extended elevator pitch for 8 – 10 minutes, and the guest VC provides immediate feedback, enabling fast, effective, accessible mentoring and relationship development.  A unique opportunity indeed for entrepreneurs to meet with potential investors who they otherwise would struggle to meet, and take away ideas, advice and possible leads from the guest VC as action steps.  More information at http://www.svase.org/?q=node/2258

MobilePlay 2009
Sept 17th, 10:00a – 8:00p
, CA
Please join us as mobile industry leaders gather to discuss monetization strategies, location based services, mobile payment, mobile application analytics, gaming, and mobile device impact on the market. The conference will include a demo session featuring the hottest applications in mobile today.  Registration and more info at http://mobileplay.eventbrite.com/

TechKaraoke SV
Sept 17th, 6:30 – 11:00pm
Menlo Park
, CA
Alright everyone. It’s long overdue already, and we have a new venue! Bring your karaoke voices and meet us at the BBC to get your drink and sing on  Thanks to our sponsors – ZDNet and Cookies by Design! (Details at their FB page.)

SDForum Open Innovation and Research Forum
Sept 18th, 8:30a – 3:00p
Santa Clara
, CA
Sales are down, unemployment is at record levels, budgets are slashed and investment dollars are harder to get than ever before. How do companies continue to innovate during these economic hard times and plan for the future?  Hear key influencers from Silicon Valley’s leading high-tech corporations, including IBM, HP, Microsoft and Nokia share their thoughts, insights and best practices on how not only to survive, but to identify market share and growth opportunities. Learn how industry leaders innovate and how to partner with them.  Information is at www.sdforum.org

HackerDojo Grand Opening
Sept 19th, 7:30pm – 1:00am
Mountain View
, CA
Hacker Dojo wants YOU to come celebrate our first month of operation in style!  There will be a dj (or two!), great people and tasty edibles for your enjoyment.  HackerDoJo is a “Startup Un-Incorperated”! People volunteered to fix it up, wire the network, bring furniture, HD TV, games, wall posters/paintings, food, projector, fun photo booth., etc.  Conversation flows every where about new ideas, collaborative opportunities, coding tips, or just random “umm, I think I can bring …. next time..”  Info here!

SV Tweetup #3
Sept 23rd, 5:30 – 8:30pm
San Jose
, CA
Please join Brian Solis at Hotel Valencia (Cielo Lounge) for some cocktails and networking and book Signing.  Generally looks to be a great group of folks.  For more info, check out http://www.siliconvalleytweetup.com

Digital Family Summit
Sept 23rd, 5pm – 12midnight
Santa Monica
, CA
Join the Digital Family for an evening of exploration on the topic of “Managing Online Communities. Jason Calacanis, CEO of Mahalo, will broadcast “This Week In Start-Ups” live from the event and his guests will be community experts Peter Hirshberg, chairman of The Conversation Group and Michael Jones, COO of MySpace. Results of the first-ever Managing Online Communities survey will be presented by Karen North, Director, USC Annenberg Program on Online Communities and Gerry Philpott, CEO of E-Poll.  Info here!

Kamala Harris Meetup
Sept 23rd, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Menlo Park
, CA
Not tech related, but something I’m working on and so just wanted to drop the word.  Since it’s political and I tend to try to avoid politics in this mailing, I will say no more.  Just let me know if you want info on how to attend, or check out http://kamalaharris.org/donate/event/503

PlugandPlay TechCenter Events

So PlugandPlay TechCenter has a ton of awesome events, and it would take an entire newsletter just to share them all.  Skim their calendar regularly to see what they have to offer. (I’m a fan of the entrepreneur-engineer mashup, myself.) http://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/calendar/

SVASE Series

SVASE, the Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs, is the largest and fastest growing nonprofit association in Northern California dedicated exclusively to helping early stage tech entrepreneurs.  They hold events regularly in the peninsula, and occasionally the city itself.  There are too many to name in my brief email, but be sure to check them out for advice on investment, team development, financing, corporate leadership, and much more: http://www.svase.org/


Not to add another list of events to my list, but SDforum also has something every other day.  Essentially “SDForum is the leading Silicon Valley not-for-profit organization providing an unbiased source of information and insight to the technology community. SDForum provides a venue for engineers, executives, researchers, technology leaders, and venture capitalists to exchange information on emerging technologies and best practices.”  Info on their events at www.sdforum.com.

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Ah, Monday. Somehow, my Monday got super delayed and all off. But so it goes. Here are my plans for the week:

Monday, August 24th
Nothing!  Nothing ever! My Mondays are just that: mine!

Tuesday, August 25th
Once again, I couldn’t find any Tuesday events that got the blood flowing.  Let me know if you have one.

Wednesday, August 26th

6pm – 9pm
Intercontinental Hotel
(I’m actually doing the logistics for this event.  Stop by and say hello!)

Thursday, August 27th
12 Hot Dates; 1 Fun Night

5:30 – 9:00pm
El Rio (3158 Mission Street)
These guys hold a fun date auction for charity!  I’ll be there with my friend Kenneth, I hope!

9:00 – 11:55pm
Temple Bar (600 Polk Street)
I haven’t made it to one of these yet, but they always sounds totally fun!

Friday, August 28th
Monsters of Webcomics

7:00 – 9:00pm
Cartoon Art Museum (655 Mission Street)
Nick Gurewitch, creator of the Perry Bible Fellowship, speaks on the creation of the comic, the artistic process, and how they got where they are today.  Love it!

Saturday, August 29th – Sunday, August 30th
Women 2.0 partner with Startup Weekend

All Weekend!
SFcube (18th and Tennessee)
I love both of these organization, and sfCube has an amazing space!
(sfCube also has desks to rent, for $ or equity!  Let me know if you are looking.)

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Media eagerly awaits each new design

Media eagerly awaits each new design

This post is a bit late; I’ve been too busy working on a Halloween costume.  But it’s up, all the same

For those of you that missed it, Digital Summer was a party last Wednesday (produced by the lovely Liana Burtsava and Eliane Fiolet, and hosted by Girls in Tech and Ubergizmo) that brought together tech, photography, and fashion for one of the hottest mixers I’ve been to in awhile.  When all was said and done, they also raised money to plant nearly 1000 trees in Honduras!  Yay for good times and good causes!

But what exactly happened that made it oh so right?  While ideally I’d like to sit down with Liana and ask, here are some tips I saw that might help your next event get there.

  1. Set a high standard. By making their banners beautiful and artistic, by setting a dress code, and by announcing a semi-professional photo shoot area at the event, people came, and looked good.  People want to feel pretty, and be surrounded by pretty people, and Liana and Eliane made sure everyone knew this would be an event for that.  Man, I saw people in suits that I didn’t know owned anything other than their company tshirts.
  2. Keep a (pretty) line outside. This related to #1 – a line of people in tshirts and jeans is much less interesting than a line of beautiful women and international men.  Sure, people complained about the line, but really not that much.  And folks on the street asked what was going on.  Have the venue open 5-10 minutes late.  Tell the doorman there is no rush to get people in.  But be aware, this is a fine line (no pun intended), and keeping people out in the cold or out too long will breed discontent.
  3. Be liberal with media titles and promotion. Make people feel important.  When I knew I’d be able to skip the line as media, it inspired me to write more about the event; to earn that privilege.   I pimped this event to numerous friends and colleagues because my logo would be up there, and I wanted people to see.
  4. Unite sexy genres.  A tech mixer comes off as dull to the laymen.  Sure, he likes social media and all, but aren’t all techies just geek guys, he asks?  My most popular events have been when SFbeta teamed up with Virgance (green tech is sexy) and when we worked with Glam Media (with a name like Glam, what’s to miss?).  Liana and Eliane did this beautifully.  By working with tech bloggers, Girls in Tech,and local fashion and make-up artists, they were able to make a tech mixer that catered to women, to fashion, and to the media, without anything feeling forced.  This increased their audience without decreasing experience.
  5. Free drinks. Well, media got a free drink, but otherwise, thiey didn’t do this.  But they didn’t need to, since they hit the other points so well.  Offer a free drink to every attendee at your event, and you’ll draw the crowds.
  6. Hawt sponsors and partners.  Sponsors are most certainly not just for the money.  Sponsors promote the event to their clients, they give away schwag, and they get their name on everything.  If you can be picky, do it.  HP was there, showing off their awesome touch screens and mini-laptops.  There were also Coveroo iPhone etched covers going on and eye-lash extensions being added by star artists Bianca Lucescu and Candy Walker.  I dont know if either of those were paying sponsors, but that doesn’t matter.  They were a perk for attendees, and that will more than pay for itself.  Even if you don’t have sponsors as cool as these, work with them to design something engaging they can do or give away; it’ll leave them feeling more pleased with the investment, and will draw more crowds.

So congratulations ladies, on a wonderful evening!  And good luck to the rest of you; I’m sure you shall be fabulous!

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