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So it is Thanksgiving Week.  My folks are in town, so I won’t actually be going out a lot.  And a lot of people’s folks are in town, or they are out of town, and so the event scene is a bit quite.  That said, here are some things you may want to peak into, if you are around.  🙂

Monday, Nov 23rd
Sorry, Im late on this one.  :\  Its the holidays, cut me some slack.  I’ll try to get next week’s out early, since it is already CRAZY busy!!!
But on that note, have you signed up for Sf MusicTech Summit yet??

Tuesday, Nov 24th

SF NewMedia DrinkUp
6:00 – 9:30pm
Bubble Lounge (714 Montgomery)

Wednesday, Nov 25th
Well I couldn’t find any fun tech events tonight, but this looks fun:

In the Spirit of Giving
9:00pm – 2:00am
The Atmosphere
Bring a can of food, get a can of Heineken, and enjoy some great Bay Area DJs!

Thursday, Nov 26th

Turkey Open House
1pm – 1am
MIX Manor (2150 Hyde St. #7)
(Orphaned?  Stop by and say hi!!)


Friday, Nov 27th

Union Square Tree Lighting Ceremony
Well duh, Union Square
(I’ll be here with my parents, if you are interested in meeting them and meeting up. 😀 )


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So rumor has it that Myles sent out a note about the bi-weekly event mailing list I provide to startups, founders, and investors in the Bay Area.  If you are visiting this blog from that email, interested in joining the list, shoot me an email and I can sign you up (cassiph[at]gmail[dot]com).  Or head over to http://snapsummit.com and sign-up on the side bar.


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Upcoming Tech Events

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Not sure whether you know, but last week I spoke at a fun evening panel on “How to Host a Kick-Ass Event” produced by Sandbox Suites (many thanks to the Amazing Sasha!)

The beautiful Tamara from Eventbrite was in attendance, took some great notes, and posted this wonderful list of tips to aspiring event producers.  Im just jealous I didn’t write it first! 😀

Notes from How To Host a Kick Ass Event


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Upcoming Tech Events

Upcoming Tech Events (more…)

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So there are a LOT of events this week; especially on Wednesday.  But as I don’t like to do more than one event in a night, here are the events I think will be the best for me to attend (IE: most fun and/or best contacts).  Let me know if you have a better idea and why.  🙂

Monday, August 10th:
NOTHING!  My day is hectic enough, and I need me time.

Tuesday, August 11th:
SuperNova Mixer
5:30 – 7:30pm
Wharton SF Campus on Howard and Spear.
The guest list for this looks amazing.  There are people attending I have wanted to meet for months.  I don’t know the speakers, but who really goes for the speakers anyway.

Wednesday, August 12th:
SF NewTech
5:30 – 11:00pm
Mighty Bar
This place always has great demos, and I need demos for my next event.  I also love that everyone comes in a friendly and network-y mood.  So I’ll be there.  Plus, TacoTruck!  Woot!

(If this gets boring, or the demos just dont interest me, my second choice is Girls in Tech Journalism)

Thursday, August 13th
Meet the Media
6:00 – 9:00pm
Azie (826 Folsom Street)
Not sure how this event will go; haven’t ever been to a thing hosted by these guys, and don’t know the attendee list.  But it looks like some great press will be there, and PR contacts are definitely my weakest link, and it’ll be a great chance to learn just how to pitch an event to the press.

Friday, August 14th
Social Media Cafe
8:00am – 11:00am
Citizen Space on 2nd near Bryant.
I make a rule not to go to work events Friday night, but this is in the morning. So no foul.   Sounds like a fun and creative way to round off the week.


So that’s my week.  What are you attending?

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